Spanish (Latin American)

Attention, Spanish learners!

If You Can Picture Your Best Friend in Your Mind,
Then You Can 'Hack' Spanish.

Frustrated with trying to remember vocabulary and make it stick? Struggling with getting the correct pronunciation and accent? Overwhelmed with grammar rules? Confidence and motivation disappearing like a magic trick?

Then this is the language training you’ve been dreaming about.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to learning Spanish...

...but if you want to make rapid progress learning any language, the key is building your vocabulary.

We combine two simple facts:

1. Memorization works when you connect pieces of information in your mind

2. Human memory is mostly visual

The result?

One-of-a-kind video training you'll never forget.

Here's what you do...

To remember that 'arroz' is the Spanish word for 'rice', you create a mental link between them.

So here's the link - 'arroz' sounds like 'arrows'.

Imagine arrows flying out of the sky and landing in your bowl of rice.

'rice' - 'arrows' - 'arroz'.

That's the link, now we'll turn it into a picture...

Why Listen to Us?

Foreign Language Academy is a partnership between the world’s most viewed memory coach – Kyle Buchanan – and the internationally recognized expert and researcher into applied memory techniques for languages – Dr Michael Gruneberg.

The Simple Way to Learn Spanish

- Learn 1,300 Spanish words super-fast with customized memory hacks

- Develop the building blocks of confident conversation

- Save a crazy amount of review time with built-in spaced learning

- Have your questions answered by native speaking tutors

- Give your Spanish learning journey a rocket boost of momentum

Here's What People Are Saying

Nobody taught me how to learn and memorize like this, everybody says just to learn it parrot fashion. This course is priceless, I’ll never again open a boring book for learning a language with ENDLESS repetition! Foreign Language Academy is a game changer. I love learning vocabulary now … and I used to hate it!

Martin Blahovsky (Medical student)


The words stick after each video. And the grammar is delivered in small chunks so it’s never overwhelming – that impressed me. I have one colleague, a French teacher, who works with memory techniques. We discuss pedagogical issues a lot, and these courses have given new input in that discussion! Just try it. I had never thought to start learning Spanish but you will get inspired. Trust me!

Bjorn Forsberg (High school teacher)


“These lessons are so great! We are a homeschooling family (ages 11,9,6, and 3 years old) and all my kids love watching the videos. The younger ones are trying out the words and remembering them! The older kids are reading the sentences and are able to translate! I can't believe how quickly they are learning. And loving the learning process! This is one lesson I do not have to remind my kids to complete! Thanks for making learning fun!

Michelle Stokes (Homeschool mom)

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7-day free trial (cancel anytime)

10 video lessons p/wk

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Begin learning Spanish with 10 new video lessons each week for less than the cost of a double quarter pounder with cheese...
...and without that queasy feeling at the bottom of your stomach

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Discover the simple way to learn Spanish

Here's what you get:

- 188 video lessons over 19 weeks
- Memory hacks for 1,300 Spanish words
- Comprehensive bite-sized grammar lessons
- Translation exercises between English and Spanish
- Native speaker video narration
- Native speaker tutor to answer your questions
- Video app access (coming soon)
- Italian, French and German training (coming soon)


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