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Here's what it will include:

  • Over 180 whiteboard animation videos
  • Illustrated memory links for more than 1,200 Spanish words
  • Foundation grammar lessons
  • Native speaker narration
  • Guided translation practice between English and Spanish

What else would you like to know?

This will be a beginner level language course. The memory techniques and whiteboard animation videos used are suitable for ages 8+ (but younger children are watching them too!).
The videos will generally be between 6-12 minutes long. There’s going to be over 25 hours of content in total.
You’ll have lifetime access once you purchase.
Soon! We won’t say more than that ;)
Not currently, but we'll soon be launching an app that allows you to download the videos to the app and watch them offline.
Yes, comments and questions inside the course will get a speedy response. For technical issues you can email ‘[email protected]’ and get personal assistance.
No. The illustrations will not be included in any downloadable PDFs.
Sorry, no. Sharing your log-in details is a security risk and against our terms and conditions.
Yes! Kyle Buchanan is the world’s most viewed memory coach for a reason – his videos combine best-practice memorization techniques with whiteboard animation to create a super-effective learning experience that will blow your mind! The course is based on the work of Dr Michael Gruneberg, an internationally recognized expert in applied memory research related to language learning.
Shoot us an email at '[email protected]' and we'll give you the answers :)

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