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How to Learn a Language Fast and Easily

If you're like the average language student, you probably have the sense you're wasting time when you try to remember new information.

You probably use endless repetition, flashcards and a lot of re-reading.

The most frustrating part is it takes too long, nothing sticks in your head easily, and honestly - it's just plain boring.

Learning and remembering new words is one of the biggest challenges when you learn a foreign language.

We're About to Blow Your Mind!

Memorization is all about connecting pieces of information in your head.

That's why repetition alone doesn't work - it's the mental equivalent of throwing mud against a wall.


Human memory is predominantly visual

Your memory is amazing – if you know how to use it properly.

This video has over 10 million views on YouTube, because it demonstrates your memory's incredible potential.

It's all about visualization and association

You create a clear mental image representing one word and link it to a mental picture of another word. Simple, right?

But how do you use that for learning a foreign language?

Here's what you do...

To remember that 'arroz' is the Spanish word for 'rice', you create a mental link between them.

So here's the link - 'arroz' sounds like 'arrows'.

Imagine arrows flying out of the sky and landing in your bowl of rice.

'rice' - 'arrows' - 'arroz'.

That's the link, now we'll turn it into a picture...

Foreign Language Academy - The Perfect Partnership

The World's Most Viewed Memory Coach

Kyle Buchanan is a professional memory coach who has pioneered the use of whiteboard animation videos to teach best-practice memorization techniques.

With over 15 million video views on his popular Memorize Academy YouTube channel and website, Kyle is the most watched memory coach in the world. Video courses like 'Memorize the Periodic Table' and 'How to Memorize' have blown the minds of students around the world.

Internationally Recognized Expert and Researcher

Dr Michael Gruneberg is a prolific author and researcher into applied memory research in languages, and he's an internationally recognized expert on learning and memory methods.

Michael is a former president of the international Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition (SARMAC), and the creator of the Linkword Language System.

The REALLY Crazy Part? We've Done it ALL For You!

You Don't Have to Learn What to Do

Yes, we've just explained how to use this technique, but guess what? You don't have to do any of it yourself!

This isn't like a class that teaches you how to cook - the gourmet feast has already been prepared and you're about to be spoon fed.

The Grand-Daddy of All Shortcuts

These videos create the mental link and show you exactly what to visualize in your mind for each foreign word so you remember every one. A dream come true, right?

Learning foreign vocabulary usually takes months.  But these videos use expert memory techniques to hack your brain and slash that time-frame like a razor sharp machete through paper. Seriously.

Your Motivation Will be Pumping

Whiteboard animation videos are like a magic spell. You can't stop watching them. If you've never had the experience of being excited to watch an educational video, prepare to enter unexplored territory.

Self-Confidence on a Space Rocket

Exhilaration isn't a feeling most people associate with study and learning. But when you discover how easily and effectively you can memorize foreign vocabulary, it changes how you see yourself.


What's Inside the Training?

Here's what you get:

  • Super-fast learning with step-by-step vocabulary memorization
  • A solid foundation with comprehensive grammar lessons
  • Reduced review time with built-in spaced repetition of all new knowledge
  • Guided sentence translation from English to your target language and back
  • All bases covered with focused training on your speaking, listening and reading skills
  • Engaging and motivating training with whiteboard animation videos
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